Why I Love Comics: The Audio Edition
Eric Ratcliffe and friends discuss all things pop culture, from comics, to movies, to video games, to music and more each week.

On this episode of the podcast, Eric does his best to fight against a cold and interview one of his favorite writers Ron Marz! The guys discuss the DC vs Marvel crossover from the 90's, Kyle's sustaining through the DC reboot, his leaving Witchblade, Artifacts becoming an ongoing series and justy so much more (including a twilight joke or two) so pull up a chair, download to your listening device or just listen on your computer to another episode of the Why I Love Comics podcast!

Slight Warning, for 10 minutes after the 20 minute mark, the audio started having issues. I fixed it the best I could but it's the only lag in the episode.

Happy New Year everyone, all the new listeners and the downloads have been amazing this year, 2012 will be a great year for the podcast!

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In this episode of the podcast, Eric completely butchers Scott's name as he sits down and talks with Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener! The guys talk about why they chose Tesla, the digital age changing the way the comic book market can be and just so much more! Easily the funniest episode of the podcast ever!

Also Imaginary Science is totally real!

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Next week....Ron Marz!

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On this edition of the podcast, Eric is joined by Edmund Mcmillen who is one half of the very awesome team meat. (Gish, the binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy) they talk about how Edmund started his career as an indepedent comic creator, how surprising the popularity of his games have been, the problems they ran into via X-box live and just so much more!

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Next week....the Atomic Robo guys!

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In this episode of the podcast Eric is joined by superstar independent Image artist Riley Rossmo as they talk his career so far, possible plans for future Proof, Green Wake, working on horror stuff and just so much more! It's a packed episode so pull up a chair an enjoy another edition of the WILC's podcast!

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In this episode of the podcast, Eric is joined by Brian Osserman of the Outhouse Pirate Podcast and longtime co host/panelist Jeremy Wiggins. The guys talk at length about their favorite muppets, the new movie and even sneak in some gaming discussion and a little talk of digital comics. So pull a chair and join us for Muppet talk!

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