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Episode #6 I am joined by good friend, writer and all around great guy Jim McCann. We talk about the early reactions to Hawkeye/Mockingbird, Return of the Dapper Men, what his thoughts are on becoming a freelancer and much much more!


Editing note: This was recorded at the very end of May so there are a few things that may seem like old bits in the conversation.

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Talking to Fred Van Lente !

Welcome to episode #5 where there would have been a cold open with yours truly but... still trying to work out the show bugs. Hopefully for shows #7 and #8, we'll see if I can fix the program i'm using.

This week we were joined by the very awesome Fred Van Lente as we talk about Amadeus Cho, working with Greg pak and Jeff Parker, his twittring, his thoughts on Justified and Red Dead Redemption as well as the tease to the project that has since been announced!

Two things I wanted to point out: Mike Galusick was supposed to join me for this episode but sadly Skype seemingly hated both of us and we didn't appear online for each other. I've promised to make it up to him.

Also the teased project has been revealed as a Taskmaster mini! Which definitely has my attention. Also announced was the mini bringing back Hercules and a new incarnation of the god squad starting, I believe, in September! We will certainly be following up with Fred and he may bring someone along. Tune in for that future show.


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