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John Layman

This week I am joined by the very awesome John Layman, writer and half of the creative force behind Eisner Award winning series Chew. We talk about his thoughts on the digital side of things, how the tv series is developing, the all important letters page and much much more.




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On episode #14, I give you listeners a sneak peak into the nerdy and some non nerdy music that finds it's way to my ears everyday. Inspired be Hipsterplease.com and Z's fantastic nerdy music podcast Radio Free hipster! We go musical for this episode of the Why I Love Comics podcast!

http://www.hipsterplease.com/ - Home to all of your nerdcore/nerdy music needs as Z guides you through the coolest in nerd music!

http://feeds.feedburner.com/RadioFreeHipster (also subscribable on Itunes!)

Track #1 - Another new crisis by the Kirby Krackle


Also known as the house band of the podcast, Another New Crisis became the themesong to the podcast as I thought it was incredibly fitting while we were a review podcast. This wont be the only song you here by the guys on todays episode.


Track #2 - Going through the Motions from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical "once more with feeling"

Track #3 - K Flay "So Fast, So Maybe"


Track #4 - Tegan and Sara "Hell"


Track #5 - Beefy "Internet Celebrity"


Track #5 - Blink 182 "The Rock Show"

Track #6 - Mc Lars and YT Cracker "Guinevere" (featuring K flay)



Track #7 - Childish Gambino "For the Fans (Warm Heart of Africa)"


Track #8 - Lauren Fairweather "I'm going to Hogwarts"


Track #9 - Dr. Horrible's sing along blog "my eyes" (Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris)


Track #10 - mc chris "older crowd"


Track #11 - The Guild "Game On" (feat. Sandeep Parikh & Felicia Day)


Track #12 - The Grammar Club "Code Monkey"


Track #13 - mc chris "Geek"

Track #14 - k flay "2 weak"

Track #15 - Beefy "Play with me" (featuring bethzilla)

Track #16 - The Prize Fighter Inferno "The Margretville Dance"

http://www.myspace.com/theprizefighterinferno (also known as Claudio Sanchez's side project)

Track #17 - Childish Gambino "hero"

Track #18 - mc chris "Fett's vette"

Track #19 - Mc Lars "hey there ophelia"

Track #20 - Repo the genetic opera "at the opera tonight"


Track #21 - Amanda Palmer "creep"


Track #22 - The Kirby Krackle "Ring Capacity"

Well that's it for this weeks show folks, I hope you enjoyed it and dug the music. Join us next episode when we return to our regularly scheduled broadcast!

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