Why I Love Comics: The Audio Edition
Eric Ratcliffe and friends discuss all things pop culture, from comics, to movies, to video games, to music and more each week.

This week, your host who only knows what he's doing about half the time, Eric Ratcliffe originally recorded a Doctor Who specific episode with Gordon Dymowski and Jeremy Wiggins where it was a 90 minute spectacular of nerd knowledge. Sadly, in the middle of editing that episode, the computer died and I was unable to retrieve it from the computer.

So this episode, we are on a new laptop (graciously given to our hero by his mother) while h's joined by Jeremy and Russell Burlingame for a late night edition of the podcast as the guys talk an insane amount of topics (We seriously cover a lot of ground). Everything from Christo Gage's Wildstorm to our most anticipated books for the new DCU!

So pull up a chair, put in your headphones or just hit play, and join us for another edition of the WILC podcast!!!

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Eric sits down to talk with good friends and house band of the podcast, Kirby Krackle. They talk everything from the Australian tour, the collaborations on Super Powered Love (their latest album) and much, much more!

http://www.kirbykracklemusic.com/- official site!

Nerd Money, the single on Super Powered Love

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The band's official Twitter

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Join us for next week's show!

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Why I Love Comics podcast where Eric and Jeremy discuss Squirrel Girl, the recurring madness that happens when Deadpool meets up with the GLI and much, much more!

People on the show:

Eric Ratcliffe, the host who barely knows the topic at hand!
Jeremy Wiggins, the man not related to any Simpsons characters!

Topics discussed:

-The Revengers/Dark Avengers
-Squirrel Girl
-Eureka cancelled?!
-Liefeld art
-The awesomeness of Avengers Academy
-Tendency of books to have the -same voice if they are written by the same writer 
-Eric's unhealthy love of Jason Aaron as a writer
-Scott Snyder!
-Jeff Parker
-Spider-Man Noir
-Bendis saying that the Ultimate Universe is not an alternate universe
-Mike Carey writing action material
-Miles the new Spidey!
-Lots of Vertigo

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Some big guests coming on very soon, so stay tuned!

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In episode #45 of the Why I Love Comics podcast, Eric is joined by occasional co-host and mega Transformers fan Jeremy Wiggins as they welcome good friend Darren Mueller who joins them to discuss the Thundercats reboot. The conversation jumps into visual effects in movies, a Transformers debate and much more! So pull up a chair and join us on the latest edition of the Why I Love Comics podcast!

Show open - The Kirby Krackle "Another New Crisis" available on Itunes (www.kirbykracklemusic.com)

Host - Eric Ratcliffe

Co-host - Jeremy Wiggins (zodarzone.livejournal.com)
guest - Darren Mueller (ringtailcafe.com)

Topics discussed: 

Thundercats! - http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/thundercats/index.html?SR=sr3_661365_go (official Cartoon network site) 
http://www.thundercatslair.org/ - Fansite

Beast Wars - http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Beast_Wars_%28cartoon%29 (Transformers wiki)

Jim Henson - http://henson.com/

There Will Be Brawl - http://therewillbebrawl.com/ (so awesome, easily my favorite fan film series ever)

Dark Crystal 

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Brave and the Bold 

Young Justice 


Samurai Jack 

Reboots, lots of them!

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