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Why I Love Comics #159 with Mick Foley and Phil Lamarr!

On this episode of the podcast Eric gets to talk with WWE hall of famer, New York Times best selling author and all around awesome guy Mick Foley. The two talk about Mick's guest work on Warren the Ape, life after wrestling, writing the new WWE comic andthe evolution of the book as well as some discussion on the current wrestling world.

Next Eric talks with Phil Lamarr as the two discuss Phil's work with Mad tv and just how the show evolved into the cult favorite sketch show, working with Mako and Dwayne Mcduffie, getting to play around in both Marvel and DC animated universes, Futurama, giving voices to Static/Jack/John Stewart and just so much more!

It's a super packed and nerding out edition of the Why I Love Comics podcast!

10 page preview of the WWE Comic!

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