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Why I Love Comics #128 PAX East edition!

On this episode of the podcast, I headed to Boston for the Penny arcade Expo (PAX East for short) to play games, talk with some super cool developers and make some new friends. Presented here are 4 interviews from the show: I talk with Robin  from Ronimo games to discuss the new Awesomenauts map/upcoming changes to the game/the matchmaking system and a tease of some stuff coming up. Next I talked with Allen from Smashmuck Champions to talk a little about the creation of the game and it's characters as well as the beta that they've recently released on steam! Next was Phillipe Morin from Red Barrels to talk about their new horror survival game Outlast and how they came to be as a studio. Finally I was joined by studio head of Compulsion Games Guillaume Provost to talk about their game Compulsion, its lead characters, the art style and just so much more!

It's a super packed episode of the Why I Love Comics podcast!

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