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Why I Love Comics #153 New York Comic Con 2013!

On this episode of the podcast, Eric heads to New York Comic Con and covers everything from Dark Horse to China, IL.

Guests on this episode:

Mac Walters - Mass Effect writer for both the games and all the Dark Horse comics. He discusses everything from writing things you don't get to see in the games to just how the bioware writers work together.

Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick - They talk about whether or not the Monarch will become a darker character to Gary's journey and just what season 5 meant for him as a character.

Scott Allie - Dark Horses editor and chief discusses writing for Abe Sapien, working with digital creators on things like the Guild and Husbands, Dark Horses Super hero/pulp characters as well as some teases of Buffy season 10! (Check out episode #60 for our first ever conversation)

Victor Gischler - The upcoming writer of Angel and Faith for Buffy season 10. We discuss writing for cult favorite characters, where his sense of humor comes from and moving over to new characters.

Troy Baker - Discusses becoming the Joker for Arkam origins, how much freedom he has with an established role, what his reaction was to getting offered the part and gives some advice to aspiring voice actors.

Roger Craig Smith - Talks about how he approached his Batman/Bruce Wayne, playing villains vs heroes, being able to play around with the character a bit and how it's something we haven't heard yet.

Eric Holmes - Talks about how they chose the villains for Arkam Origins, trying to live up the legacy of the previous games and playing around with a very different world than what has been established.

Claudio and Chondra Sanchez - Claudio and Chonny tease what's coming up for Evil Ink, from a sequel to Key of Z to the Kill Audio one shot to a superhero book which sounds awesome. Working with Boom studios, Prize Fighter Inferno and the plans for 2014.

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell - Jane and Brad talk about the evolution of their awesome web sitcom Husbands, the evolution of the Cheeks character, whether or not we'll see more comics down the line and the word "sitcomy" (Check out episode #114 for a full fledged conversation)

Brad Neely, Brooke Hogan and Daniel Weidenfeld - They talk about this season of China, IL and Brooke discusses how long she's wanted to voice act for and just how the music stuff works for this season.

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland - The guys discuss the evolution of the concept and how the name changed from Doc and Marty to Rick and Morty as well as how difficult it is to juggle Community and Rick and Morty.

Art Baltazar and Franco - Art and Franco discuss running a comic shop, what we can expect from the Aw Yeah collections that will be coming from Dark Horse, Itty Bitty Hellboy and just how Tiny Titans will be returning!

Greg Rucka - Greg discusses his new miniseries from Dark Horse Veil as well as how it is working with Dark Horse, the difficulties of running a Kickstarter and just how things are going for Lady Sabre! (Check out episode #120 for a full fledged conversation)

It's a super packed Why I Love Comics podcast!

Dark Horse!

Adult Swim!

Lady Sabre!


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