Why I Love Comics: The Audio Edition
Eric Ratcliffe and friends discuss all things pop culture, from comics, to movies, to video games, to music and more each week.

On this episode of the podcast, Eric flashes back to a point where he was still new to the world of interviewing. It was the second convention I ever attended and the first as press. The very first person I managed to get for an interview that year? Bendis and all through the weekend I was talking with people like Jim McCann, Tony Bedard, Tim Seeley, Claudio Sanchez, Joe Kelly and JM Ken Niimura and Tim Seeley.

It might have been my first convention but honestly after relistening to these interviews a few years later, you will want to listen. Hearing about each of these creators creative processes, why Bedard pulled Beak into Exiles, how Claudio works as a writer, why Tim finds it hard to write Loaded Bible, Joe and Ken talk I Kill Giants as well as many other projects Joe was working on, Bendis talks Avengers and some of his choices behind what was going on with Clint Barton, Jim talks about Reunion and just so much more is all here!

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Next week....the return of Edmund McMillen to talk about added almost a new games worth of content to Binding of Isaac, being one of the focal points of Indie Game the Movie and so much more!

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